Avoid Boring People launches ABP

Experimenting with a book club

I’m starting a book club, click here to sign up!

I’ve been thinking about how to structure a community since the reader survey indicated interest, and this is what I’ve come up with.

What does ABP stand for?

ABP book party1

What will ABP do?

The first version of this will be a book club with a quarterly commitment, meeting once a month to discuss a different book each time.

Each quarter will have a theme, and our first theme is the history of technology. I have some books in mind already but will confirm once we’ve finalised the group.

How many people are we expecting?

More than myself, hopefully2. I don’t know how many to expect, and would cap it around 8 to 10 people. Past that size it’s difficult to have discussions where everyone can contribute.

When will this start?

Current plan is to finalise the group in May (I’ll publicise it throughout), and then start with the first meeting in June.

What time zone will meetings be in?

Highly likely US time zone, and I’m on Eastern Time.

What format will meetings be in?

People based in Manhattan are welcome to come hang out in my apartment3 , and we’ll host it virtually as well via zoom or an alternative.

Will I have to buy the books?

I’d hope so? If you’re in the group and have financial difficulties, let me know and we’ll work something out. I don’t make money though4 so let’s try to not fleece me.

Will I have to read the books?

You do realise it’s a book c̶l̶u̶b̶ party right? I’m not going to force people to read the material5, and I do think you’d lose out if you show up for discussions without having read the book.

How will we coordinate?

I’m thinking direct email for now, and we’ll see if a discord or alternative is needed in the future.

Why a book club?

I wanted to start with a small group that would be engaged and excited to discuss issues together. I was worried that starting with a large slack community would result in declining engagement, especially since I wouldn’t have time to oversee it6.

I’m worried that I won’t know what I’m talking about during the meetings?

I don’t know what I’m talking about half the time so I wouldn’t let that be a blocker. You’re also welcome to join the group and just listen, though I will also try to make sure everyone that wants to talk is given a chance.

I’m interested, where do I sign up?

Link is here. I’ll keep the link open for most of May.


Alternative names considered were ABA (too much like a pop band), ABB (too much like a swiss multinational company, ABC (strong contender until I realised I could reuse ABP)


I’m reading these regardless so it’s no loss for me if I’m the only one…


It’s a studio, lower your expectations.


Figuratively speaking; I mean I do alright but I’m not about to start buying gold encrusted books for people.


Not sure exactly how I could, anyway…


Still considering it though, but let’s start small with the book party first